From the Principal’s Desk

Excelling the horizons…

From the Principal’s Desk :

Prof. Tahseen Fathma


GAP Defence School (GDS) is a dream, a vision, a research and tireless efforts to bring revolution in The present education system.
I Prof. Tahseen Fatma, Principal of GDS is proud to be a teacher, a mentor and an educator. I enrich my profession by a vast teaching experience of 18 years in various prestigious institutions like Air Force School Mumbai, Army School Jammu, R.G.Public School Gwallor, Central Academy Lucknow, G.S College Kendriya Vidayalayas (KV), KV Chennal, KV Gurgaon, KV Jodhpur and various renowned colleges across the country. Both my learning and teaching experiences grew me as a teacher and strengthened my passion to be a teacher.
When I came to Katihar, our team researched about the education standard, teaching methodologies attitude and approach of students. The result of the research was disappointing. In-spite of the fact that the students of this region are very hard working, the success ratio is very low. According to various government reports, Seemanchal remains educationally most backward region. This concern led to the formation of GDS.

The motto of GDS is "Quality Education for All", where the education and teaching methodologies are Student Centric, where students learn by doing, where the practical utility of every subject is taught, so that the students not only learn but experience the concepts. GDS is an institution where learning is fun where every student is made to believe that they are special and unique. Where Career Counseling and Emotional Counseling of students is a regular exercise. Where the career scope is unlimited, students will be motivated and trained to be Doctors, Engineers, Air Force Officers, Army Officers, Navy Officers, IAS Officers Pilot, Fashion Designers, CA, Bank Officers, etc.
We at GDS, aim to offer all pupil the opportunity to succeed and gain the highest standard of behavior and academic achievement. We provide a broad and balanced curriculum that uses multi-sensory and thematic approach which awakens and illuminates a child's intellect in multidimensional ways. We have a team energetic, dedicated and result oriented teachers with diverse range of knowledge & experience. At the end I would like to promise that GDS is dedicated to fulfill all its promises and make a difference.

“ The dawn of education
Removes the darkness of life…!!! ”

Prof. Tahseen Fathma

(Ph.D., UGC (Net), MBA,, B.Ed.)
Ex. Prof. Hislop College, Nagpur